"The Mighty 12th"

National Service Battalion Holsworthy


we are a small group of ex nashos that are looking for our mates
from the 70s, we got together to form the lost mateship and to start getting together
we now have our own web site and ,we will put a link on our site for yours and would hope as a token of mateship that you do the same for us,
our site http://wanashos.wikidot.com/ and we are called NASHOS W.A
Nasho photos



For our internet “buffs” the current Army Magazine can be found on line at http://digital.realviewtechnologies.com/default.asp?xml=defencenews_army.xml

The Anzac on the Wall” http://www.acgq.org.au/articles-detail.php?id_art=25

  • The national service scheme, 1964-72

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  • It's an Honour - Honours - Awards - A-Z of Awards - Anniversary of ...

    The Anniversary of National Service 1951-1972 Medal is a commemorative medal ... The words 'Anniversary of National Service' are on the perimeter of the ...
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  • [PDF]

    Anniversary of National Service 1951-1972 Medal

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    Medal is awarded to Australians for their service in. post-war national service ... National Service. 1951-1972 Medal is. a bronze medal. ensigned with the ...
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  • Fact sheets - National Archives of Australia

    Records about the 1951 National Service held in Canberra ... On 24 November 1959 Cabinet decided that National Service call-ups should be terminated and ...
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  • Fact sheets - National Archives of Australia

    Evasion of national service was not uncommon. Some cases were prosecuted harshly leading to much ... Record holdings of the 1965–72 National Service scheme ...
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  • The National Servicemen's Association

    NATIONAL SERVICEMEN'S ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA. (Inc) Known as "The Nashos". NSW Emblem. flagwave.gif (18348 bytes). QLD Emblem. "SERVICE TO THE NATION" ...
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  • Anniversary of National Service 1951-1972 Medal

    The Anniversary of National Service 1951-1972 Medal (ANSM) was introduced in 2001 to recognise those who completed their obligation under the two National ...
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  • National Service Improvement Framework - Department of Finance and ...

    The National Service Improvement Framework aims to facilitate projects requiring collaboration within and between government at all levels. ...
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    THE youth wing of the party that repeatedly opposed conscription during the Vietnam War wants to bring back national service. ...